B&W Floral Still Life Fine Art Photography With Large Format

Tim Layton


I take photographers behind the scenes and walk them through my step-by-step process of how I create beautiful floral still life fine art prints in the darkroom.  I use a 4x5 view camera, Ilford HP5+ sheet film, and I develop in Kodak D-76 developer.

Get immediate access to the 68-page course training guide and 17 HD video lessons.  You can watch the videos online or you can download them for offline viewing too.  

I assume photographers already have a working knowledge of how to expose, develop, and make basic darkroom prints.  If not, don't worry, take my Intro to B&W Darkroom Photography video workshop so that you are fully up to speed before jumping into this workshop.  You can access that workshop at https://gumroad.com/l/bwdarkroom

I demonstrate and explain a variety of view camera movements common to floral still life photography.  By having control over your focal plane and the ability to apply select focus, it gives you the creative license to express your vision unlike any other type of photography formats.    

I discuss and demonstrate large format specifics that must be understood to create high-quality floral still life images.


Movie # 1 - Welcome & Introduction

Movie # 2 - Why Large Format for Floral Still Life?

Movie # 3 - Develop a Creative Plan

Movie # 4 - Pre-Exposure Tips

Movie # 5 - Discussion on Composition

Movie # 6 - Learning to See

Movie # 7 - Selective Focus Techniques

Movie # 8 - Indoor/Outdoor Flower Photo Studio Overview

Movie # 9 - Share a Variety of Backgrounds and Tips on How to Use Them

Movie # 10 - Tools of the Floral Still Life Photographer 

Movie # 11 - Technical Discussion on How To Calculate Magnification Ratios For Any Lens

Movie # 12 - How to Calculate Bellows Factor & Exposure Compensation for Large Format

Movie # 13 - Exposure and Development Tips for HP5+

Movie # 14 - Demonstration - Exposing HP5+ Film

Movie # 15 - Demonstration: How to Make Split Grade Prints in the Darkroom

Movie # 16 - Summary and Discussion of Ideas for Further Exploration

Movie # 17 - Bonus Documents - Video Overview

Note: In this workshop, I will be using Ilford HP5+ black and white negative sheet film, Kodak D-76 film developer, Kodak Dektol paper developer.


  • A desire to create beautiful black and white floral still life fine art photographs
  • Any type of large format 4x5 view camera
  • Any type of standard lens for your camera in the 120mm to 180mm range
  • Ability and knowledge to develop your films, make a contact print, and enlargement in the darkroom
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B&W Floral Still Life Fine Art Photography With Large Format

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