8x10 B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Print Mounted on 11x14 With Window Mat

Tim Layton
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You will receive an artist original 8x10 silver gelatin fine art print handmade in the darkroom by Tim Layton. 

These classic gallery quality fine art black and white prints are created according to museum archival standards, selenium toned, signed by Tim.

The artwork is dry mounted on 11x14 acid free board with a custom window over mat. 

Your new artwork is placed in a protective sleeve and shipped to your address in a flat photo mailer.  Your new artwork is ready to install in your frame and hang on the wall. 

These handmade silver gelatin fine art prints are like holding jewels in your hands.  This is a rare opportunity to purchase original artwork at an incredible price from an internationally collected artist. 


Doing our part to help raise awareness of the challenges and issues facing wild horses in America, my son and I make handmade silver gelatin wild horse B&W fine art prints one at a time in our darkroom. We believe people protect what they love and our hope is that we can get everyday people to fall in love with wild horses across America.


When you purchase one of our handmade B&W Fine Art Wild Horse Prints, you bring beauty to your home or office, and you’ll be helping protect wild horses.

With every piece of artwork sold, we make a donation to the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) and any remaining profits are used to pay for equipment, supplies, and related expenses. AWHC are a a nonprofit organization fighting to ensure the future of America's iconic wild horses. They work tirelessly to reform the cruel and costly federal wild horse and burro roundup program and replace it with humane management that keeps wild horses wild, protected, and free. AWHC manages the largest, humane fertility control for wild, free-roaming horses in the world.

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  • Handmade 8x10 Large Format Silver Gelatin Contact Print
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8x10 B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Print Mounted on 11x14 With Window Mat

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